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Art Curation at 1369 Coffeehouse

I run the art program at 1369 Coffeehouse, a locally-owned gem of a cafe with locations in Cambridge and Inman Square.

I change over the art every other month, focusing on local and emerging artists.

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I have worked with over 150 artists since starting the program in 2017. For many artists, it is their first time showing. I give each artist the opportunity to hang their own work, with facilitation and guidance as needed. 

This program generates over $2000 a year for local artists. Many artists experience their first ever art sale through this program! 

I handle all operations of the art program for the cafe, including

  • Sales

  • Artist Payment

  • Curation

  • Fulfillment

  • Scheduling

  • Coordination

  • Facilitation

  • Installation

  • Deinstallation 

  • Wall Maintenance



To maximize efficiency of this program, 

I designed and built an automated sales and scheduling system via Airtable.

The system collects and stores artists' contact information through a form on the coffeehouse website, to be stored for future scheduling and coordination

It also calculates sales tax and commission, and provides a structure to coordinate sales and fulfillment. 

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