My curatorial projects include the Dorchester Art Project (aka DAP), where I am Gallery Director and Curator. DAP is a community-driven gallery, studio and performance space in Fields Corner. My focus at DAP is to empower emerging curators to organize their own shows using our space. I help facilitate, organize and guide the process to completion. 

       To this date, shows I have facilitated include Altarations: A Selection of ShrinesMidnight Funk: A Street Art Inspired Mural ShowPriority Made: A Nationally Curated Postal Sticker Show, T. The Figure is Queer: A Trans and Queer Figure Drawing Showcase, and Vanguard Retrospective Exhibition: Relfecting on 5 Years of Transnational LGBTQ Vietnamese Activism. 


       I take a community minded approach to curation. My goal is to empower emerging artists and act as a catalyst

for community growth.


       I am also curator at 1369 Coffeehouse, a locally-owned gem of a cafe with locations in Inman and Central Sq, Cambridge MA. I change over the art 6 times every year, focusing on local and emerging artists. For many artists,

1369 Coffeehouse is their first art hanging experience! Last year, we generated over $6,000 in sales of local art. 

       Lastly, I book and organize a bimonthly show series called Dreamscape which takes place at Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain. I focus on booking artists who may feel less comfortable in traditional venues or bars because their music is too quiet, soft and/or ambient. My mission is to create a space for radical softness and togetherness. I pair the quiet music with immersive visuals that are projected into the inner sanctuary of the church. We are now approaching our 18th show at Hope Central Church and I feel honored to have use of the space, as facilitated by the Horse Badorties Foundation, with support from Brain Arts Organization. 

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