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     Solei is an artist who has been working in the Boston area for the past five years as a muralist and curator. She graduated from Tufts University in 2014 with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Studio Art from the SMFA. Since then she has grown her list of artistic collaborations to include many local businesses, collectives and organizations.

     Solei works as Creative Director of Brain Arts Organization and Gallery Director of the Dorchester Art Project, platforms she uses to empower others and facilitate community-building arts experiences. 

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Artist Statement:

     As an artist I am motivated by a deep respect and curiosity for my own subconscious. I embody the notion that we exist as reflections of each other, giving myself to the work of curation and community organizing. Through my work as Creative Director of Brain Arts Organization and Gallery Director at the Dorchester Art Project, I create platforms for others to realize and share their creative vision. 


This work is essential to my own process of exploring and expressing my internal artistic life. My self discovery is intrinsically linked to the community I cultivate for myself and others. 


I have found many conduits for my creative energy: in painting, design, music, mural making, writing, music, and more. I welcome the flux and continually embrace new mediums as a way to explore myself. I am grateful for opportunities to collaborate with others 



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