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I am an artist who has been working in the Boston area for the past six years as a muralist and curator. I graduated from Tufts University in 2014 with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Since then I have grown my list of artistic collaborations to include many local businesses, collectives and organizations. Most recently, I was chosen by The Esplanade Association to design and paint a mural on one of their pumphouses along the Charles River, along with three other artists. I also have murals at Landry’s Bicycle, Intrepid Cafe, Inman Square Laundromat, and a half pipe on MIT Campus. 

I work as Creative Director of Brain Arts Organization, Gallery Director at Dorchester Art Project, and curator at 1369 Coffeehouse, platforms I use to empower others and facilitate community-building arts experiences. This work is essential to my process of exploring and expressing my own internal artistic life. My self discovery is intrinsically linked to the community I cultivate for myself and others.


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Artist Statement:

    As an artist I embody the notion that we exist as reflections of each other, giving myself to the work of curation and community organizing in addition to my own art practice. In my academic studies of Sociology, I became interested in the process of identity creation and how it is influenced by society at large. These ideas are reflected in my Face Chain motif, which is a design found in most of my recent mural projects. The idea behind the Face Chain is that we al use each other to create who we are. I believe that we create our identities out of what other people are and have been. I believe that we are not distinct from those who exist in opposition to us, in fact it is those people who most make us who we are. The Face Chain addresses our individual existence in a highly polarized yet interconnected society, and attempts to illuminate this paradox through minimalist, symbolic design.

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