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I have forged my own path throughout my career, choosing direct experience over earning degrees, network over net-worth and challenge over comfort. These are some projects that I am most proud of. 

Brain Arts Organization

Since 2015 I have been deeply involved with building up Brain Arts Organization from a volunteer-run grassroots collective to a sustainable nonprofit with a reputation for innovative and equitable arts programming in the city of Boston.

Cambridge Insight
Meditation Center

I designed the communications department and crafted the brand aesthetic at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, one of the oldest Insight Meditation (Vipassanā) centers in the country. 

1369 Coffeehouse

I have been running the art program at 1369 Coffeehouse in Cambridge since 2017, facilitating art showcases for well over 300 artists and generating over $16K in sales since I started the program. So many artists have received their first sale through me and it always makes my day! 

Boston Compass Newspaper

I have served as layout designer, event organizer, marketing lead and now operations lead at Boston Compass Newspaper, an independent artist-run free monthly newsletter for creatives in the Greater Boston.

Dorchester Art Project

Dorchester Art Project is an underground art space in Fields Corner where I volunteered as gallery and marketing director from 2017-2020, curating, facilitating and promoting dozens of art shows and performances. I also worked as general manager of our pop-up consignment store and community workshop from 2020-2021. 

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