I am giving 100% of proceeds from this print sale to You Good Sis (Instagram.com/you good sis), a mental/spiritual/physical health collective for black & brown people in Greater Boston. Link in bio to purchase. -
The backstory behind this piece involves a white woman who commissioned me to make a huge portrait of an “urban” woman with “big hair” but “not too angry.” This was four years ago and I would have handled the situation much differently now. But it happened and now it’s time to pay it back. White people need to normalize acknowledging how we have benefited from racism and white supremacy. It’s really real y’all! This is my attempt to turn a problematic situation into a positive outcome. I have already raised almost $500. If any POC wants a print and can’t afford to donate, DM me your address I will mail you one no questions asked. Power to black womxn who are leading this movement and so many movements in the past!!!! Your mental health should be a priority ❤️✊🏻❤️✊🏻❤️✊🏻#blacklivesmatter

#BlackLivesMatter print