I was commissioned by Dana Bein, an employee of the beloved Inman Oasis in Cambridge, MA to illustrate this photograph by Amanda Macchia. Inman Oasis has been a special community place for so many people to find comfort, joy and relaxation. Now it is indefinitely closed due to the pandemic and the whole community is heartbroken, including myself who was lucky enough to serve coffee to the extremely sweet Oasis staff for years at 1369 Coffeehouse. 


We decided to make the print public so that others could share in the love. 50% of the profits will be going to the Inman Oasis staff (you can also Venmo them directly at @InmanOasisTips!), 20% will go to the amazing photographer who provided the inspiration for this image, and 30% will go to myself to produce and mail the prints. Here's to hoping that Inman Oasis reopens in another location one day! In the meantime, please remember this amazing community dwelling place on an extra special wall in your home <3 


Prints will be 10"x10" inches, unframed on thick matte paper. 

"You Belong Here" Inman Oasis Print