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me at THE SITE the first day
we finish priming the wall an we havent befriended the shopkeeper across the square yet so we have nowhere to put our paint so we bring it on the bus with us to go back. the bus driver is yelling at us in greek what ar eyou doing!! crazy girls bringing wet paint in here! (I think is what he was saying)

I go to bed covered in mosquito bites and white paint speckles from painting today. Today we meet our site and we meet with business suit man Mr. Andreas who owns the site. He is shaking our hands like he has somewhere else to be, he is telling us "IF we are liking it, we will keep it." The whoel area is already covered in tags and anarchsit graffiti so it is a little surprising to us that he is suddenly deciding to care about the aesthetic of his property. He seems dubious that our mural will be an upgrade to the space. "IF it ees fitting with the neighborhood"

Ok Mr. Man

The "neighborhood" was the stone church center of the anarchist movement 10 years ago. Now it is in full gentrificatION mode, cafes on every corner. frappes all around

a street view pic of "the neighborhood"

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