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flashback even more time before that last flashback

The days before this have turned into a blur so I condense into list form:

-I draw 2 portraits of 2 turkish men, both named Fatih and both of them architects. So far all the Turkish men I have met want portraits of themselves within minutes of understanding that I am an artist. "Oh? Okay," settling into the chair "I am ready"

-An old man who lives behind St. Maman's cathedral who shows us a guitar that he made out of matchsticks

-The oranges are 40 billion times better here

-We execute a guerilla attack on the orange tree farms on our way to Lefka. Escape unscathed

-Kebabs every day

- Cats everywhere

-We are almost attacked by a rattlesnake in the tall grass of some ancient marketplace ruins

-Hesham sings Lion King songs to me in Arabic in the car

-We try to go to a famous mafia house but the Turkish army man waves his AK in our faces adn tells us it is closed today

-I try to make friends with the shopowner across the steret from our mural. He is nice but is similarly dubious about the success of the project. He warns me of the "babies, bastard boys" who will be coming every night and tagging "fuhk you!| onto our painting. we shall see

- OH YEAH first night on the south side Ellada drives us to the place we will be staying which is an award-winning design minimalist mansion. It is her friend Yoryis from theatre school's house. It is like the Real World up in here. Ther man has a circle bed. This is like a 9 star hotel and he is texting us from his business trip in Moscow "Is it okay? Is there anything I can do to improve you stay?"

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