The Color Exchange encapsulated


I think the best way to encapsulate the experience of the mural was through the eyes of this old Greek lady (pictured here) who stopped by the first day we were doing our outline. She didn't realize that we were the artists because we were sitting a little bit away from it taking a break. She comes over and is shouting at the wall in Greek, throwing up her hands in disbelief and walking around talking to herself. We had no idea what she was saying but her tone indicated that it was not "Wow I love public art how exciting!"

She comes over to us and is talking at our faces again and we are nodding yes, we know. How strange yes. Yes graffiti, bad. Then she goes and steals one of our strawberries. Then she gives us some bread and leaves. We find this kind of hilarious but also a little foreboding.

The next time we see her the colors are almost all filled in. She comes around to look at the wall and there is more shouting in Greek and gesticulating but this time in a decidedly happier tone. This time we are caught red handed, we are holding brushes and in full paint mode. Once again we are nodding a lot but still have no idea what she is saying, however this time there is another Greek person standing around who is able to translate a little and apparently she is saying "I hope you got paid for this!"

Full circle, exchange. It's weird walking away from it for the last time. I feel like an empty nest. I won't be able to defend or explain its existence to passersby any more. It will just be existing in the world and its story will have to be explained by the people who came over and talked to us, or the people who didn't come talk to us. Or it will have to tell its story itself, which is kind of hard because paintings don't come equipped with mouths or voice boxes. But that's how art works, it's always just the people telling the stories anyways. Boss man building manager Mr. Andreas said he would put plexi glass in front of it, so hopefully this is true and it will be encapsulated forever so more and more people can make stories about it .

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