The Color Exchange is an interactive public mural project I created in 2015 in collaboration with Nadia Westcott

We were invited to bring The Color Exchange to Nicosia, Cyprus as part of Build Peace Symposium. 

More information:

The Color Exchange is an interactive, site-specific mural and performance installation that illustrates the importance of communication. This piece of art invites the public to participate in the visual outcome of the mural through participating in a question and answer game with other passerby. We invite participants (preferably strangers) to sit and each pick a colored question card, which inspires them to have a conversation with their fellow participant

After the conversations are finished, we combine the colors of the cards they chose to form a new color. This new color will symbolize a novel connection between two previously unconnected people. We then use that color to fill a new space in our mural design, chosen by the participants. In this way, participants are creating a mural through conversation.

The design is inspired by a city map aesthetic. It intentionally reminds people of city planning, maps and occupation of space. The completed product is an illustration of what we can create through conversation.