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As part of my volunteer work with the Boston Hassle as artist coordinator, I curated and organized the art installation at Brighton Music Hall for Hassle Fest 8. I worked with a team of 8 artists to create an otherworldly experience throughout the venue. 

The concept was TRASHLAND. We used recycled materials to make a statement about over consumption and waste in our society. An excerpt from our program:

The year is 2132. Our levels of consumption and waste have continued to increase, along with our levels of political dysfunction and environmental ruin. Unbeknownst to the majority of the population, our landfills have undergone rampant expansion until they constitute an entirely new ecosystem. Trash Land is an exploration of this ecosystem, and the new mutant species that thrive there. Come journey through the back room of the Brighton Music Hall where we have collected specimens from the future for our examination.

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