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Boston Compass


Boston Compass Newspaper (BCN) is an artist-run newspaper that has been a big part of my life since 2014. 

I've worn a lot of BCN hats over the years including​:

boston compass.png

See below for more from all these hats

Curation & Design


I started my journey with BCN as a volunteer designer. I taught myself InDesign and went from laying out the back page to laying out all four pages within a few months. 

My role was also to pick a different local artist to feature on each issue I designed. I found it a fun design challenge to incorporate all the pieces in a way that kept the DIY brand aesthetic intact while complementing the artist's aesthetic.


I designed issues #83 to #106. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 7.06.44 PM.png


Brand Strategist

Even though BCN had been around for years, it didn't have its own unique brand identity. I lead a team of community members and BCN contributors for a community-centered design process that charted a path for our future direction while honoring our roots. The designer we worked with was Jen McMahon.

We chose to adopt the spray paint can as our mascot, "as a sacred tool for artist expression, subversive communication, and creating canvasses where there are none provided."


I then sent to work overseeing our volunteer graphic designers to translate this brand into our digital content.

Operations & Social Media Coordinaton


After a decade of being volunteer-run, BCN's administrative structure was unorganized and sprawling across multiple Google Docs and Sheets. I built a custom operations process for BCN using Airtable that streamlined Print Production, Blog and Online Calendar Maintenance, Social Media Coordination and Contributor Payments, all in one centralized location!

The system utilizes automation to cut down on laborious administrative tasks, and keep the BCN team on the same page when it comes to content management

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