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Peace Puzzle

In 2019 I was asked to facilitate a Mural Design workshop for Girls Rock Campaign Boston. I was so impressed by all the designs and felt a strong inclination towards collaborating with these young minds. With the support of a Somerville mom whose child was enrolled in the workshop, I applied and was granted a project grant from the Somerville Arts Council to create a mural on Broadway in Somerville. I was also supported by the Tufts University Professional Development Fund.   

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 9.45.46 PM.png

The most important part of my process was a summer camp called "Mural Club" that I led with students from West Somerville Neighborhood School and neighboring school. Throughout several weeks we narrowed our focus on a collaborative design, and that is what I painted! At the end I had all the girls come create stencils of their names to add to the piece.


Peace Puzzle is about how we must all find space together as humans on this earth. The design incorporates interlocking hands, the symbol of a "teamwork" dynamic, but the actual process of painting the hands reminded me of all the social dynamics that we navigate on the day to day. Taking space, creating space, asking for space, all so that we can be seen and live our lives as best we can. The girls in my workshop were incredible communicators, and collaborators, and all held space for each other in beautiful ways. If young people can work together in harmony, then adults should be able to as well. 

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