Question One

Circle Light

Foundation Game

World Study

Speck Drum

New Normal

Dust and Other

Do Not Pass Go

Page Planet

The Art of Watching

Rush Love

Sun Singing

Stage Layer

Tesselation Surface

Virtue Blues

Hey Brother


Flood Letting

Click Stitch

Future Shaped

Sun Flower Slow Drag

Personal Bases

Race to the Beginning

Tide Up

Road Food

Ma Solitude

California Concert

Singing at Home is Back in Style

Gravity Line


On E

Old Relations


God Goal

Gene Blanket

Erase Embrace

God Collar


Trace is an abstract painting 

series I developed between 2016 and 2018. It is about how we navigate layers of time in the present moment, and how this shapes us. Trace is about what we leave behind and also how we respond to what is already there.

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I exhibited Trace in 2017 at Industry Lab as the summer Artist in Resident. It was then exhibited as a solo exhibition at the Piano Craft Gallery in

March of 2018. 

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Road Food