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"We Demand"
Book Cover Design

& Illustration

In 2020, I illustrated and did cover design for a book written by my amazing mom Anne Gass aka the dream gig!


"We Demand" is an incredible piece of historical fiction published by Maine Authors Publishing, the never-before-told true story of an inspiring trio of suffragettes taking a cross-country road trip in 1915, campaigning for the right to vote. If you love some “girls run the world” energy, this will not disappoint. 

There are 19 illustrations throughout the book as well as cover design by moi!

Hit the link below to purchase and get more information about the book!  And keep scrolling to see more illustrations and learn about the process.  


My designs and illustrations were inspired by historical photographs that my mom had uncovered through her research. 

I was able to incorporate these real historical elements while still keeping the design fresh, modern and inviting to all types of readers -- not just history buffs!

Click below to watch my reel describing my process for the book cover design. 


Similar to the book cover design, the illustrations were inspired by real historical photographs. My mom highlighted a few different scenes in each chapter for me to illustrate. 

I sourced photographs so that I could accurately document dress and surroundings for the characters in the story. Keep scrolling to see my favorite chapter illustrations. 

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