flashback even more time before that last flashback

The days before this have turned into a blur so I condense into list form: -I draw 2 portraits of 2 turkish men, both named Fatih and both of them architects. So far all the Turkish men I have met want portraits of themselves within minutes of understanding that I am an artist. "Oh? Okay," settling into the chair "I am ready" -An old man who lives behind St. Maman's cathedral who shows us a guitar that he made out of matchsticks -The oranges are 40 billion times better here -We execute a guerilla attack on the orange tree farms on our way to Lefka. Escape unscathed -Kebabs every day - Cats everywhere -We are almost attacked by a rattlesnake in the tall grass of some ancient marketplace ruins


I go to bed covered in mosquito bites and white paint speckles from painting today. Today we meet our site and we meet with business suit man Mr. Andreas who owns the site. He is shaking our hands like he has somewhere else to be, he is telling us "IF we are liking it, we will keep it." The whoel area is already covered in tags and anarchsit graffiti so it is a little surprising to us that he is suddenly deciding to care about the aesthetic of his property. He seems dubious that our mural will be an upgrade to the space. "IF it ees fitting with the neighborhood" Ok Mr. Man The "neighborhood" was the stone church center of the anarchist movement 10 years ago. Now it is in full gentrificate mo


Harder than expected to find time for internet cafes to make blog posts. also harder than expected to find internet cafes that have web browsers new enough to handle making a blog post. but I was writing things ! but I was writing them in a notebook instead of on the internet. so we will have to travel back in time a little bit because lots of things have happened. aka The Color Exchange happened already the whole reason I was here. woops


This is how you find yourself in your underwear running next to the Mediterranean Sea sprinting at the very tip of Cyprus next to an Egyptian you just met yesterday. Hesham and I go to a castle in the morning (St. Hilarion castle) (it was hilarious, by the way). Hesham is a soft spoken Egyptian who is scared of heights and likes to drive aggressively fast on the highway. It's okay there's no cops out here only cameras and they let you know when the cameras are coming. When we are done with the castle he says , I was thinking we could go swimming? I know a place. Okay yeah! But he knows a most special beach "golden beach" in "karpaz" aka WAY the fuck up there aka it's a 2.5 hr road trip. W

First few days

Waking up to my 3rd day here and it feels like a week. I am in an apartment with nice couches and a rug and a flatscreen. I am in a country that is not really a country because the UN hasn’t decided that it is a country yet. There are nice roads here and people running for president and children playing soccer in the street, this is the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. When I crossed the border I got a visa stamp but they couldn’t stamp it in my passport so they stamped it on a piece of paper instead and gave me the piece of paper. I now have a visa to stay here for 90 days. There was a sign at the border corssing that said Turkish Republic of Cyprus: FOREVER Gotcha. This is not a country but the

Campaign over!

We got 134% funded which is really exciting! We had 51 funders. This will cover our plane tickets and any extra unforeseeen materials. The extra 34% means we can maybe pay translators to help us communicate or possibly paint a cool banner while we're there to get people to actually sit down and participate. It remains to be seen how hard it will be to get people to actually SIT DOWN and TALK to someone they have never met. This is the experiment. Pretty humbling that there are 51 people out there who would give us some of their own money for this experiment. I feel like a scientist. I will be posting pictures and stories here and probably some of my art as well so bookmark away and check in

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